Effective Ways of Treating Swollen Legs

With all the running up and down, your legs need a break. Failure to which will only leave them swollen and painful. As much as possible, it’s up to you to see to it that you give them the care and treatment that they deserve. It is just as important to know that our legs swell for various reasons. The one mentioned above has always been at the top of the list. What should matter most is how to treat swollen legs and get out of that predicament unscathed.

Soak Them in Warm Water

This is an age-old treatment that has gone on for way too long. Not to mention just how effective it has been to this day. If your legs are swollen for whichever reason, soaking them in warm, salty water will help ease the sullenness.

However, be sure not to leave them soaking for too long as this might have a bad result on your legs. Instead, give them at least fifteen minutes in the water and dry them afterward as you massage them gently.

If swollen legs have been on your case long enough, you might want to practice this as often. Only then will you be assured of quick recovery as well as a healthy and healthy pair of legs.

white shoes

Avoid Tight Shoes

At this time, the last thing you should do is hinder the circulation of blood around your legs. This is mostly done through the wearing of tight or ill-fitting shoes During this time, you should be having a pair, or more, of open shoes that will allow your feet time to breathe.
Besides, the pain from swollen will only make things worse. The best you can do for your swollen legs is to give them time to breathe. While you are at it, give them a relaxing massage just so the swollen can reduce.
The more consistent you are in these practices is the more progress you will see on your legs.


See a Certified Physician

Your feet deserve nothing but the best care and medical treatment. An accredited physician can do this and a lot more. With their years of expertise, they are more than able to reduce or do away with the swelling once and for all.

Make early bookings, and you are all set to begin the journey towards your recovery. Bear in mind that this is not a one-time affair that will see your predicament go away within a flash. It takes time as well as perseverance to see it go away for good.
Besides, it will pleasantly surprise you what modern medicine can do for you within a very short time.


Exercise Them

Making them assume just one position all through is a sure way to increase rather than suppress the swelling. Your physician will guide you on how to go about the exercises for you to make it to the recovery stage without much hassle.

Not to worry about whether your legs can make it through the exercises. It will even be as though you aren’t taking part in them at all.

Taking good care of your joints

Your knees carry a heavy load. If you want to know how much take your bodyweight? Multiply it by four, and that’s how many pounds of stress you put on a knee with every step you take. If you weigh 150 pounds, you hit your knee with 600 pounds of force with every step. If you are running multiply your weight by ten each time the foot hits the ground. A 150-pound person slams the knee with 1,500 pounds of force.

Nevertheless, the knee is not alone. Muscles tendons and ligaments around your knee can absorb a lot of this energy and help take the strain off your knee, but beware. Muscles tendons and ligaments that are tight and could put more stress on the joint. There are three ways of taking good care of your joints to help keep your knees strong flexible and healthy.

Stretch and warm up before work

ghgfgfhfghgfhgfhStretching your knees loosens and warms up the muscles better. It also increases blood flow to the joints. Warming up also helps improve the flow of the synovial fluid that fills your knee joint. Think of this as the motor oil of your knee. It lubricates the joint and helps keep it healthy to lift correctly. Set both feet firmly before lifting anything and use correct posture. This distributes the load evenly across your whole body. Hold the load close. Holding it too far from the body is not only bad for your back, but it also puts extra stress and pressure on your knees.

Choose the right footwear

Use the right Footwear wear shoes with good arch supports and above all wear sensible shoes that fit right. Don’t choose shoes for the show, choose shoes for smarts. In other words, put fashion aside for proper function. Bad shoes throw your legs out of alignment and upset your balance, throwing heavy stress on your knees. Inspect your Footwear often and replace it when it gets worn down. Good Footwear may not be cheap, but it’s worth the investment.ggfhgffghgfhgfh

Do stretches

Do stretches for the areas both above and below the knee a quadriceps stretch is an easy and quick way to stretch them above. Put one hand on a stationary object for balance. Using the other hand grab your leg around the ankle and lift it toward your backside. Keep your back straight and don’t slouch forward. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds and repeat several times. A good quick stretch for below the knee is the push off like the one you see runners doing before a race.

Lean against the wall both palms out the leg you want to stretch it straight back several feet from the wall. Plant your heel firmly on the floor. Flex your other leg halfway between your back leg and the wall. Start with your back straight and gradually bend the flexed leg forward, until you feel the stretch in your calf. One last thing, no matter what you do, make sure you stretch every day.


These few tips work well in taking care of your joints without even visiting a physician. However, if you encounter any form of difficulty in your joints, It’s highly recommended to visit your medical practitioner for further check-up.

Foods That Improve Vaginal Health

One of the most important aspects of a woman’s life is vaginal health. Most women tend to struggle with different vaginal issues in their lives. Vaginitis, thrush, vaginal dryness, UTI, bacterial and yeast infections make women miserable. A healthy vaginal is one that has natural pH level which keeps off bacteria and yeast. Good hygiene and some food can help with this.

Foods that will improve your vaginal health

Cranberry juicecnberryrightasdfghjkoiuytrew

Cranberry juice is nutritious that effectively improve the vaginal health of a woman. It has acidic properties that balance the vagina’s pH level and fight bacteria which is one of the main causes of vaginal infections and UTI. Drink a glass of organic cranberry juice daily to maintain good vaginal health.


This is known to fight vaginal dryness, burning and itching o the vagina. Kale is a low-oxalate greens that are rich in vitamin A and C which helps in improving blood circulation. Besides kale also boosts your immunity thus keeping infections at bay. Adding kale to your salad, smoothie, vegetable juice or cooking it slightly is the best way to consume kale. Other green like celery, collard greens, and cabbage are also good for your vaginal too.


Lemons are also good for supporting your vagina. This is due to its acidity its help maintains the pH level of the vagina. Antioxidants contained in lemon prevents free-radical damage of cells. Lemon works as an immune booster that fights all sorts of infection. Drinking lemon water twice a day restores your body’s pH balance.


Antifungal and antimicrobial properties of garlic make it perfect for vaginal issues like odor, itching, burning and vaginal discharge. Garlic is also an immune booster that fights any infection. Adding garlic paste salad and dishes is the best way of taking garlic.

Greek yogurt

Yogurt contains lactobacillus bacteria which is fight disease-causing organisms that may affect your vagina. Lactic acid in yogurt inactivates infection causing organisms as well as maintaining the pH level of your body.


This is a phytoestrogen usually contained in soy products is good for your vaginal lubrication. Edamame contains omega-3 acids, edamamerightafsgdhfjgkhljpiouiyutryetrwevitamins, minerals and protein which helps a woman’s body cope with premenstrual and menopausal symptoms. Soy products like tofu, soy milk, and soybeans contain unprocessed edamame which is good for your vaginal health.

Every woman wants to maintain their vaginal health. It is advisable to take these foods and maintain a proper diet to achieve this.