A look into the Cosmetics Industry in 2018

The cosmetic industry which is part of the larger beauty industry is worth more than a trillion dollars. The development and launch of products seem to be never-ending. The trends keep changing, and you have to be on your radar in order not to miss something hot. The following are the trends that we expect in 2018.

Eco-friendly Beauty Products

Philanthropists are pouring a lot of money into causes that advocate for environmentally friendly beauty products. Plastics and other products whose composition and active ingredients are not known are being abandoned because of the harm they are perceived to be causing. Secondly, environmental advocates are pushing for use of products that have less water since it is anticipated that there would come a time when the demand for water would exceed the supply.

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Patches and Masks

Demand for face masks has surged several folds for the last five years. The demand has been driven by the trends seen on Instagram and other social media platforms. Beauty pundits expect masks for breasts, arms and chests to be a rollout of the production lines.

The masks are expected to come in handy for those aging or people who have had accidents. They are manufactured in such a way that you will hardly notice that somebody is wearing them. Expect to see masks that are thin enough to dissolve on the skin. These masks are mostly made from hyaluronic acid.

Skincare Supplements

Supplements that will be mixed with smoothies are expected to be a hit in 2018. The most common skincare supplement is marine collagen. It is advised that it is taken in powdered form since it is easily broken down.

There is also Lumity supplements, which are in capsule form, which are very good in preventing or slowing down aging. This supplement also protects the body against stress.

Treatment of the Body as the Face

Skincare products for the face are all over the shelves. In 2018, expect to see skin care products for the body as well. There will be acid exfoliators and serums. Moisturizers and cleansers for the body.

This trend has in mind the approach to anti-aging where attention is paid to beautifying the largest organ in the body and the skin. Due to the way the skin is exposed to the sun and other elements of the weather, it is important that it is kept moist and hydrated.

Unisex Beauty Products

The gap between the men and females is getting narrower with each day. There are now beauty products that have been made to cater for both sexes. A fragrance that can be worn by both men and women are now on the shelves of the departmental stores. Manufacturers are worried about how their products are performing and not the sex that is using them. Neutrality is now the way to go.

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A lot of people do not know what to use when they are about to start and after exercising. Several companies have developed products that are ideal for use when exercising. These cosmetics will help your pores not to clog the pores of your skin when working out.